me in a suitFor quite a while I’ve muddled over the idea of creating a website/blog/place-to-put-all-my-ill-informed-rants and today proved to find me particularly manic and so voila: I now have a blog.

I’m not quite sure what types of posts I’ll put here, but I’ll try to keep everything tagged appropriately and easily navigable so that if you’re averse to intensely misanthropic writing, you can avert your priggish eyes.

Anywho, I’ll be adding an about page, some information about my ever-so-professional consulting services, and anything else that I deem worthy of publication.

Why do my thoughts matter?

The wonderfulness of the internet is that regardless of how mis-informed, deluded, jaded, and-so-on my postings are, they’ll exist here forever and ever and you can’t do anything about it.

For instance, if I wanted to discuss the merits of eating children in the time of famine, I could channel my inner Swift to swiftly tap off some horribly offensive text about the substantial sustenance to be found in America’s obese children.

Dark humor notwithstanding, I look forward to yelling into the void for the foreseeable future.  I welcome comments, criticisms, diatribes, and hate-filled non-sequitur in the comments section, so have at it.


Your Supreme High Chancellor/Overlord, Will

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