I like cigars. I like writing. I like writing about cigars. Because Freud already staked claim on the penis-like qualities of cigars, I’m left to reviewing them. Today’s smoke de la resistance is the Bodega Reunion Aperitivo Toro, a cigar distributed by Emilio Cigars (maker of one of my favorites, the Emilio Draig K).

Why this cigar? Because I’ve had the Bodega Reunion Digestivo and was quite impressed. Rather than review a cigar that I’ve already smoked, I’ll review a cigar that I haven’t tried yet but will probably like: the Aperitivo.

So, without further ado, let’s look at the Bodega Reunion Aperitivo Toro.

Bodega Aperitivo Background

bodega reunion aperitivoSize: 6″ x 52 ring gauge
Style: Toro
Wrapper: Nicaraguan
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan

Based on this blend, I expect the Reagan administration to be interested spice, earth, and sweetness, sweetness like cocaine-laced money and rebellion. That being said, from what I’ve heard, this cigar is unlike the majority of overly-strong, overly-spicy, overly-delicious Nicaraguan blends.

Initial Observations

bodega reunion aperitivo label bodega reunion aperitivo foot bodega reunion aperitivo outside

Appearance: The cigar itself is smooth, elegant, and intricately constructed (swanky triple cap and all). There is some slight give to the stick, but otherwise solidly packed.
Aroma: Not much at all to be honest. If anything, it smells like brown sugar.

Pairing, Cutting, and Lighting

Drink Pairing: San Pellegrino Limonata
Lighter: Xikar single-flame butane
Cutter: Xikar guillotine

Cutting and Cold Draw

Ah, I love triple caps. Easy cut, no hint of unraveling. I forgot to do the cold draw. Sue me. No really, sue me. Embroil me in months of motions and reschedulings.

The First Third

bodega reunion aperitivo first thirdFirst two or three puffs are straight-up cedar. Pleasant. The ash holds up nicely as I smoke, though the burn is a bit wonky. Notes of cedar, mild pepper (not a bit harsh, though–this pepper bites not), and daffodils–not exactly my normal go-to of “OH MY GOD WHY WOULD ANY SANE HUMAN BEING SUBJECT THEMSELVES TO THIS TORTURE,” but perhaps the most appealing trait to this cigar so far is not the palette, but the aroma. Hot damn, the smoke around me smells like perfume and incense, the sort of perfume and incense at home in a parlor with many lace-covered sideboards, white gloves, old women, and meek servants. I feel classier than a barefoot, tank-topped, tattooed bum on a concrete porch.

The Second Third

bodega reunion aperitivo second thirdThe limonata pairs nicely with this smoke and is bringing out the floral side: I feel like I’m eating one of those fancy salads that has a hibiscus on the side, confusing the majority of eaters as to whether or not it is just there for decoration. While the taste is a bit mild still, the aroma is winning me over. I could sit in this smoke for the rest of my life (which, of course, would be cut short by lung cancer caused by sitting in smoke 24/7).
I just got bit on the toe by an ornery mosquito and I don’t even care. Go away, nature! I’m burning one of your members for pleasure. Speaking of which, have you ever considered that a cigar was once alive? We are essentially fawning over the cremated remains of the formerly alive. I do not, however, recommend trying this yummy fawning with a recently deceased and urned relative.

The Final Third

bodega reunion aperitivo final thirdBoom. Raisins. Sunmaid all up in here. Dried fruit notes in a cigar immediately endears me. I’d describe this cigar as silky. This cigar is in a sundress and sitting on a wrap-around porch on an old southern plantation while sipping tea and reminiscing about childhood.  Quite enjoyable and mild to the extreme.  The mildness would not hint at the cigar’s complexity, however, and I encourage any potential smokers not to pass over this cigar just because it might be a bit light.  For a light cigar, there is much to be had here.

The Last Inch

No harshness, no overly hot burn. A pleasant finish to a complex, rustic cigar.

Final Impressions and Rating

While the cigar was complex, the notes mingled with one another throughout the smoke–no real evolution, just a lazy Susan spinning and stopping every so often. Sort of like me with “And So It Goes” after champagne: while I may listen to a Bruce Springsteen or two in between (“THUNDER ROAAAAAAAD!”), I always return to my spirit animal, Billy Joel.

Rating (Seek out and buy again, Smoke if I happen to find one, Avoid at all costs): Smoke if I happen to find one

The price point is a bit high on this cigar, and the lightness doesn’t agree with my propensity for darkness, strength, and spice. However, the Bodega Aperitivo certainly fits the bill as a pre-dinner smoke.

Hit me up with your thoughts on this cigar or perhaps on the Trans Pacific Partnership (which appears like it will pass…).


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